2024 Spring Math Contest!

The 2024 INTEGIRLS Spring Contest will be held on Saturday, April 27, at the University of California San Diego! Register below by April 20th. 


Teams may have up to four members. You can sign up with fewer, but try first visiting our forum to find other potential participants from your area!


There are two divisions: middle school (grades 8 and below) and high school (9-12). We welcome participants with any amount of competition math experience! 


Registration for our fall contest is free! It closes on April 20th. To register, click the link above or fill out the form at the bottom of this page!


Awards will be given out to the top two teams in each division, as well as those who place individually. Keep an eye out for future info about the contest!

General Rules


Each contestant competes in either the middle or high school division. The contest consists of three main rounds: team, relay, and individual. Individual is scored separately from the others, and there will also be an optional, for-fun Estimathon that does not count towards team scores!

Want some practice?

Check out some tests from past years!