Our Team

Meet the San Diego inteGIRLS Team!

Maggie Yao

Maggie Yao is a junior at Canyon Crest Academy! She loves teaching students of all backgrounds as well as learning mathematics. Maggie is known for her love of raccoons especially and one day wishes to own one, though a duck or ferret would be fine as well. She hopes participants will enjoy all the events and learn a lot!

Maddy Ren

Maddy Ren is a sophomore at Torrey Pines High School. She frequently attends math competitions and enjoys learning mathematics in school. Maddy is also a math tutor for younger students and a member of the San Diego Math Circle. In her free time, she loves to swim, play piano, and explore new foods.

Michelle Liang

Michelle Liang is a sophomore at Canyon Crest Academy. She participates in various math competitions and likes to discuss difficult problems in retroactive regret. In her free time, she enjoys folding origami, collecting pens, and researching waterfowl.

Meet Our SD inteGIRLS Alumni!

Sophie Wu

Sophie Wu is a senior at Canyon Crest Academy. She is an avid participant in competitive math, having qualified for AIME since 2016 and USAMO in 2020. Sophie is the vice president of her school’s math team and also participates in the local math circle. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, and playing the piano.

Praveena Ratnavel

Praveena Ratnavel is a senior at Canyon Crest Academy. She is a Science Olympiad participant, having competed and medaled in various events for 6 years. Praveena also coaches the event, Disease Detectives, and runs the Science Olympiad program at her local elementary school. She is passionate about tutoring students and promoting education. Outside of this, she enjoys playing flute, running, and baking.

Cynthia Zhang

Cynthia Zhang is a senior at Del Norte High School. She is an active member and leader in her school's mathematics and cyber clubs and has won multiple accolades in competitions for both. In her free time, Cynthia enjoys writing stories and listening to podcasts, as well as picking up random little skills such as playing the ukulele or juggling.

Jessica Lin

Jessica Lin is a senior at Canyon Crest Academy. She enjoys tutoring and teaching students in subjects ranging from math to violin. As part of her school’s She’s the First Club, Jessica works to empower girls in her community through education. In her free time, Jessica enjoys listening to music, playing violin, reading, and drawing.

Hannah Zhang

Hannah Zhang is a senior at Canyon Crest Academy. She frequently participates in math competitions, such as Math Prize for Girls and AIME. Hannah is also the treasurer of her school's math team and an instructor in the local math circle. Besides math, she also enjoys listening to music with her favorite artist being Taylor Swift.